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How Will Tax Reform and Social Security Affect Your Future?

Tax Reform

We can show you how to make retirement decisions in the most tax-efficient way.  We explain the relationship between ordinary and capital incomes. Many income strategies lead to potentially significant tax efficiencies in retirement income planning.  We provide tax protection of investment returns and identify sub-optimal situations which hinder receiving retirement income in the most tax efficient way.  We calculate the effective marginal tax rate and use identifying markers to pinpoint where just one additional dollar of income can push retirement income into higher effective marginal rates.  This process will illustrate retirement income decision making by visualizing tax law in such a way to enable individuals to make better decisions.  This process also illustrates which income streams to use at what points in retirement.

Social Security

We provide social security analysis to assist individuals in simplifying the complexities of social security benefits.  We attempt to answer the most frequently asked question, ‘When is the most optimum time to receive these income benefits?  Is it at age 62, full retirement or age 70?’  These claiming strategies will illustrate how the timing of a claiming decision can cost or save income dollars.  We illustrate the best and earliest strategies in an easy to view and understandable format.  We also provide a report of the income gap between a projected social security benefit and the desired income at retirement.