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Definition of Stewardship by Rick Deyo 

Biblical Stewardship is the process of glorifying God (Revelation 4:11) with the caring about people and the environment. The resources that are accumulated and are distributed must be managed in the most God glorifying efficient and effective manner possible.

Efficient and effective stewardship is only accomplished by the ownership of a lifestyle which encompasses a non-narcissistic, non-entitlement, non-debt, and non-judgmental management of resources.

This lifestyle is accomplished by individuals, families and businesses embracing a God glorifying and vision driven leadership style of stewardship which motivates and empowers people to implement the changes necessary to live out the principles of “Stewardship for Life”.

“Stewardship for Life” is the philosophy and methodology whereby people become educated and motivated to accept the responsibility to apply Biblical principles and wisdom derived from a Biblical Worldview.

This Biblical Worldview is based on the seven principles of “Stewardship for Life”.

First: All of life and every activity of life is sacred and that true happiness is only found in Christ.

Second: Each individual has a uniquely created purpose and are given spiritual gifts which are utilized to further the Kingdom of God.

Third: Each individual has a plan for life and is derived from his/her purpose.

Fourth: Each individual is to understand that the true ownership of everything belongs to God and that the responsibility for the management of the resources entrusted to them is theirs and theirs alone.

Fifth: Each individual is to be a servant to everyone in the implementation of his/her plan/purpose of life.

Sixth: Each individual is to leave a legacy of his/her plan/purpose to their family, local church, community and nation.

Seventh: The result of glorifying God with the above six principles,is the provision of sufficient resources (money) to accomplish everything God intended in HIS plan/purpose for our lives.

Biblical Stewardship is the application of Biblical knowledge and wisdom to every facet of life. It is an expression of worship exemplified in the management of the resources entrusted to individuals, families, and businesses. The result will be seen in the public arena, as a Christian testimony displayed with an eternal perspective by being generous givers, strategic moral savers, and wise spenders for the Glory of God.